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As brand mangers and organic and natural food brokers, we cultivate change through food. Every single day.

This is how we do it:

More attention

We’re a selective brand management company. We only take on the best, most progressive brands that we believe in, and give them focused attention. It’s quality over quantity for us.

More stores

We have cultivated strong relationships with natural and conventional grocers. Our established trust here translates into our brands on their shelves.

More data

We couple knowledge gleaned from our experienced team with robust data analysis to drive decision-making and inform strategies that ultimately lead to increased market share and expansion into new markets and retailers.

Brand management
for do-gooding food companies that want to grow

Earths Own at Agency Brands

We are choosy—for which we make no apologies. We’re looking for values alignment. Essentially, our brands must be dedicated to changing the world through food, too. They share our drive to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. No cutting corners.

We help progressive food and wellness brands grow, expand reach, and ultimately play a big role in changing food systems for good by:

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    Meticulously onboarding

    We promise to learn everything about your product, brand, business goals, impact goals, and, of course, heart and soul. It’s the only way to do our best work together.

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    Reviewing and analysing impact

    Goal one is impact, always. We review how your brand is creating positive impact, and build action plans for constant forward momentum.

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    Conducting thorough performance reviews

    We check-in often to review sales, growth, challenges and opportunities.

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